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Aug 01 2009

Definitely Beautiful

The last month of my life has been a beautiful culmination of frustration, humility, tranquility, chaos, teamwork, failure and triumph.  It has been me placed on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  The boat is TFA and the ocean is the life of teaching.  Trees fell but I used the wood for oars,…

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This last week has been the precursor to the next two years of my life.  It is a scary yet inspiring statement to write.  Inspiring in the sense that the knowledge and experiences from this past week have begun to shape the teacher I will be. Scary in the way that you watch a hero…

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Jun 23 2009

Game On

I cannot say how often I will keep up with this.  I will just say that I started it and now you, the reader, need to motivate me by posting or responding, even if it’s correcting grammatical errors or to just say hi, so that I don’t forget about this. So, in all honesty, what…

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