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Sep 17 2010

Power Smile

A new year has lent its time to me and my 114 new students at Northeast Middle School.  The doors open, the voices fill the hall and students with binders bigger than their upper body frantically make it to their first class.  There are powerful weapons in this world, ranging from money, to weapons, to Presidents, to a simple hug that can defuse the angriest child.
There are so many questions about life that I consider throughout the day.  This summer, I considered perhaps the simplest and yet the most effective question.  How powerful is a smile?  How often is it that people pass on the sidewalk and are too busy or perhaps not busy at all but do not consider acknowledging a passerby.  My students tell me the hard situations they face at home or at the shelter and I considered to myself how often they see a smile in…

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Aug 01 2009

Definitely Beautiful

The last month of my life has been a beautiful culmination of frustration, humility, tranquility, chaos, teamwork, failure and triumph.  It has been me placed on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  The boat is TFA and the ocean is the life of teaching.  Trees fell but I used the wood for oars,…

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This last week has been the precursor to the next two years of my life.  It is a scary yet inspiring statement to write.  Inspiring in the sense that the knowledge and experiences from this past week have begun to shape the teacher I will be. Scary in the way that you watch a hero…

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Jun 23 2009

Game On

I cannot say how often I will keep up with this.  I will just say that I started it and now you, the reader, need to motivate me by posting or responding, even if it’s correcting grammatical errors or to just say hi, so that I don’t forget about this. So, in all honesty, what…

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